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About Us

Our beautiful country farmhouse is located on 100 sprawling acres 45 minutes north of Indianapolis in Arcadia, Indiana. Built in 1865 and completely renovated in 2004 for your comfort, convenience and creativity, Crop-A-Doodle-Do boasts a custom designed scrapping room that offers each person a dedicated well-lit and well-equipped work space (greater than 4ft. per person).

Be a little selfish for once. Indulge in a few of our available spa services. Or, just simply unwind and watch the sunset in a comfy Adirondack chair.

Whether you're an avid scrapper or just a newbie looking for some "me-time" with the girls,
Crop-A-Doodle-Do is the destination for you.

Brett Morrow (Proprietor), Deb Jones (Manager)

A Doodle Story


I will set the scene...

I am in a messy, cluttered house sitting at my kitchen counter looking at about 5 piles of papers that I have NOT taken care of ... most of which are old and I can pitch. I am trying to help my 5th grader on the internet with a music project due Tuesday... the Dog (SADA MAY) is running with a sock in her mouth and chasing the petrified 5 yr old who JUST WANTS MORE KOOLAID NOW!!! The Husband (who I love dearly) is grilling dinner (did I mention he does the laundry?) and the 8 yr old is light saber-battling in the tiny back addition of my way too small house!

I feel stress.... a lot..... I think "Hmmmmmm where was I this time last Saturday?" Crop-A- Doodle-Do!!!!!!

So ... I get out my General Foods International Sugar Free Chai Latte, heat the water in the tea pot and think back to the cozy, clean, uncluttered, beautiful farmhouse I stayed in ... Ahhhh it's melting away ... then.... I remember my new coffee mug with Doodle!!! How PERFECT!

I light a yummy candle ... I pour the water over the chai mixture ... and then I stir! As I stir I look lovingly at my mug and then it happens... DOODLE HAS A LEG CUT OFF! I have just realized why Doodle says "Be careful with fancy scissors!" The horror! The agony for Doodle and the stress comes back in tenfold and I can't believe I missed this sensless tragedy!!! I weep for Doodle and realize he is sooooo brave! He is proudly holding his tiny chicken head in the air and warning us all! Ladies.... be careful with fancy scissors! Lest you forget, look to your mug... Let us all raise a chai coffee toast to Doodle....he sacrificed his little chicken leg for us all!

Elmhurst, IL

Another Doodle Story

Crop-A-Doodle-Do Inn, The Ultimate Scrapbooking and Spa Getaway.  When you look at the farmhouse surrounded by nothing but cornfields, you question the wording on the sign in Arcadia, Indiana.  That is, until you are greeted at the end of the long driveway by your hostess who insists on carrying in your bags and already has tea, lemonade, and sundry other goodies laid out.  And that is just the beginning.  From the time we made our reservations, until arrival, the hostess checked in with us often to make sure we had good directions and even asked what snacks we simply couldn’t live without.

Besides being a beautifully isolated full service B&B (so you have every excuse to focus on scrapbooking) the Crop as a huge workroom with lots of natural light, comfortable ergonomic chairs and all the scrapbooking stamps, tools, diecuts and stickers one could want.  The Inn even features a great little “shop” with plenty of papers and tools for purchase if you are a complete beginner like me and you only have time to throw photos and the scrapbook into the suitcase.  And don’t miss the GREAT comfy shirts by Eddie Bauer, I’m wearing mine as I type.  We loved being able to lay out all of our materials and leave them there all weekend.  Satelite radio and plenty of DVDS for the wall mounted flat screen added to the fun.

We were assigned the Slumber Party Room which sleeps five and we laughed ourselves to sleep both nights telling stories.  The Tea for Two Room across the hall held a mother and daughter from Missouri who were delightful AND apparently not awakened by our shenanigans next door.  Although all six of us shared the bathroom, there was plenty of room and we each had our own assigned cubbies and hooks for towels and the soft and cozy bathrobes that we found beautifully folded on our beds when we arrived for our two night getaway.  There is another bedroom and bath on the main floor off the large living and dining rooms.

Breakfast was at 8:00 am but we never starved, even if we slept in. Our hostess Deb kept us happily fed and snacked to the point that we never knew what goody she would whip up next.  If you are the mom in the neighborhood who is always fixing the goodies for the kids, come to the Crop and let someone else do it for you, it is time for YOUR vacation.  AND, you can do it all in your jammies all day, if you so choose, because the B&B is gals only.

Oh, and the spa activities.  Facials are on Friday nights and massages are on Saturday along with manicures and pedicures in the sunroom.  I like deep tissue massages and this one equalled those I have had in well known major spas.   Two gals had pedicures in the sunroom and we watched the Indiana thunderstorms roll in across the fields.

The scrapbookers ranged from beginners to near professionals and we even had two women moving into digital scrapbooking so you would wonder why they’d bother with a weekend at a scrapbooking B&B.  They’ll happily tell you that the chance to visit and chat all day while completing (or not) page after page and getting first class service makes the whole visit worthwhile.  I love B&Bs and have stayed in many throughout the country but never have I felt so completely at home. We are already planning our next trip!

– Kitty
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Doodle says, "Please enjoy the memories written in our guest book!"

We were more than spoiled during our 3-night stay at the getaway. It was truly wonderful and 'personal touch' doesn't do any justice to the way we were treated - Brett and Deb went out of their way to make us feel at home, and help us when we had any questions. I definitely recommend this getaway for any scrapbooker - plenty of space, lots of yummy food, time for relaxation (we had wonderful facials), and a wonderful environment! Thanks Doodle!

Karen from New Jersey
October 25, 2009

I just wanted to send a HUGE THANKS for a terrific weekend!!!!  This marked our 3rd trip to Crop-a-Doodle-Do and it definitely won't be the last.  After hearing that Brenda and Melissa were leaving, we of course wondered who would be able to fill their shoes as the best hostess around....and we don't have to wonder anymore...it's you!!!!  You do Doodle proud :-)  Hopefully we will be seeing you again soon!

Take care and have a blast at Disney!!!!!

Michelle Sprague

I don’t tell many people this (shh-it’s my secret), but I am a bit of a service snob and I have never been more pleased with any trip I have ever taken or any place I have ever stayed. This was one of the most fabulous weekends of my whole life. It couldn’t have been any better, girls, REALLY!! Don’t change a thing!! It was wonderful to get to know you both and I can’t wait to come back next year.

Cindy – Muncie, Indiana

We had a weekend like no other! From your welcoming smile and offer to take our luggage to the final farewell and curb service of bringing the car in the rain it was all wonderful! There were so many wonderful little touches–the name over the towel, the chocolate chip cookies, the comfy robe, gift of local products, hazelnut coffee...the list goes on and on. I think the word that describes my weekend was cherished--in an environment that was stimulating, warm, clean, and welcoming. Thank You!

Holly – Fairfax, Virginia

My husband really came through! This was the best birthday present ever! This is the perfect combination: great food and friends and scrapbooking to your heart’s delight! We’ll definitely be back again! Best wishes with this wonderful place!

Megan – Lititz, Pennsylvania

What a gift from God that by Googling "Scrapbook Retreat" we found Crop-A-Doodle-Do! We never could have imagined the little slice of Heaven the two of you have created here in the heart of America. You have left no stone unturned in creating the ultimate cropping getaway. Rest assured none of it goes unnoticed. God’s blessings for the future.

Tawnya – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Heaven on Earth! Makes me want to sing, dance and yell Crop-A-Doodle-Do!! We had a fabulous time. Thank you so very much for a slice of ME time!

Terry – Melbourne, Florida

Best scrapping area, tons of room. Loved your available tools. Everything was perfect and relaxing. The hot tub was the perfect end to a perfect day. You Crop-A-Doodle-Did-Me-Right!

Connie – Indianapolis, Indiana

Crop-A-Doodle-Do! I can’t crow enough about this wonderful weekend! The food was crop-a-doodleicious!!!! Loved the Hostesses with the Mostesses! And the scrapping facilities are the best. I especially loved the adorable bedrooms. So comfy and cozy.

Hilary – Chicago, Illinois

I have had such a wonderful, relaxing weekend! The farmhouse is enchanting and the views relaxing. Last night’s gorgeous sunset was one of my favorite memories. The rooms are beautiful and so comfortable. I got a lot of scrapbooking done and felt so pampered. The food was delicious and the company was fun. Thank you so much, I’ll be back soon.

Astrid – Wilmette, Illinois

The farmhouse is charming, the scrapbooking room is amazing, my spa services were completely relaxing and the homemade dishes were out of the world…especially the chicken pot pie!! I’ll be back soon.

Liz – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Crop-A-Doodle-Do! Where do I begin? This will go down as one of the best weekends ever for me! The scrapbooking, the food, the hot tub, the games…everything was “Cuteness of Midwest America”! Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess! I’ll be back with more pictures in hand soon to crop ‘til I drop!

Lori – Cincinnati, Ohio

This was the most incredible weekend! The hospitality was superb, the equipment and space was more than enough and the food was delicious! A great, relaxing escape!

Deb – Sleepyhollow, Illinois